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Why Audiobooks and Exercise are a Match Made in Heaven

Let's face it. Making time for you to read that one book you just got was more difficult than you imagined. So how can you stick to your goal of finishing books without having to rearrange your busy schedule? Audiobooks! More specifically, listening to audiobooks during your workouts is a great way to get your mind engaged while you exercise.

Audiobooks provide a sustainable way to fit more books into your daily life. They are relatively inexpensive compared to physical books and can be listened to almost anywhere. This makes them a great companion for your workouts.

Here are three reasons why you should consider substituting music for audiobooks during your workouts.

1. Allows you to multitask.

Exercising is something that doesn't need much brain power to do. Once you get your body moving through the workout, your brain is free to focus on other things. If you combine these workouts with an audiobook, you can meet your daily workout goal while stimulating your mind. This is a perfect opportunity for busy people who wish they had more time to read. For avid readers, this is a great way to squeeze in another book.

2. Serves as great distractions.

Working out can be a tedious task, but it doesn't have to be. Listening to audiobooks while exercising can be an excellent distraction your brain is looking for. Make sure to choose a captivating and engaging book. This may take a couple of tries, because listening to a book and reading one are different experiences. If you find yourself needing to stop your workout to take notes, then maybe that book is meant for you to be in a more still, relaxed environment.

3. Provides Motivation!

You may be wondering how does this work? Well, what if you're in the middle of a run and the audiobook you're listening to is so good that it actually encourages you to go for another 20 minutes in your workout in order to finish another chapter? In some cases, you probably had no intention of exercising for that day, however you really wanted to find out what happens to a character or complete the book you've been listening too and continued your ritual of listening to audiobooks while exercising.

So, the next time your grab your water bottle, put on your sneakers and grab your phone as you plug in your AirPods, try downloading that new book you've been wanting to try. You can thank us later.

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