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Meet Our Team


Coach Jade

Personal Trainer

Coach Jade has  made her mark in her fitness community with over a decade of experience in the health and wellness industry. She offers clients much more than just an exercise plan. Rather they are treated to her unique holistic approach, coined "Focus on the 5" a healthy lifestyle philosophy that is based on five essential elements: Spirit, Thought, Fuel, Fitness and Relaxation 

Coach Jade incorporates in depth health and exercise evaluations, fitness training and nutrition coaching to produce dramatic results for each individual client's wellness goals. "I feel purposed to teach people the tools that will help them to live a healthier and whole life!"




Patrick Carries

Personal Trainer 

For as long as I can remember sports and athletics have always been a part of my life. As the youngest of four I grew accustomed to competing against older, bigger opponents. I practiced and grew accustomed to applying perseverance and strategic planning to overcome any adversary. After running track in college I learned that extrinsic goals come as a by-product of being better than I was. I stopped comparing my success to the success of others and began competing and improving on myself. I am passionate about health and fitness because I love to inspire and support others as they grow not only in fitness, but in life as well. I believe success in fitness begets success in all aspirations. 


Luis Vicente

Front Desk Administrator

A student of life, I love to learn new things and expand my level of knowledge to grow and take care of those I love. I believe in the power of ownership and like ownership, being able to take control of your fitness and wellness is a long and difficult journey but, in the end, reaps the most rewards. Fitness is something no one can take away from you and it’s always there for you! How can you enjoy your wealth if you can't enjoy your health? I am a master of good energy and someone who’s a storyteller at heart. I believe stories, food, music, and movement are what connect and keep people together!

Join the Movement where we believe that fitness is more than just exercise it's a whole body movement.

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