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Personal Fitness Training

Ideal for someone who wants one-on-one in person fitness attention.  Private sessions are completely tailored to meet an individual’s wellness needs. Sessions are designed around each client’s goals and results are accounted for with 6-8 week evaluations. The client receives real- time feedback, where the trainer can  check your form from every angle. Weather permitting outdoor training is an option with appropriate social distancing.


Group Fitness Classes 

Private Group Fitness

Create your own private customized small group class. Invite your friends, family, neighbors or coworkers. am certified to teach an array of formats from low-impact, stretching and strength training, to cardio kick-boxing and boot camp classes. I can be contracted for a series of classes or for a special event. 


Option: In-person or virtual via Zoom

Personal Fitness Training

Nutrition Coaching 

Eat Well Program 

 Healthy eating should include fueling your body with a variety of healthy foods. This program will give you a sustainable approach to making healthier choices. Get the personalized support you need, guidance, accountability, and result driven strategies to help you eat well for a lifetime.   


In-person or virtual via Zoom

Healthy Lifestyle Counseling

*Holistic Wellness

 This program focuses on holistic well-being, integrating all aspects of a person’s wellness to ensure that they are receiving the needed attention in any area of health that they may be struggling with, including, but not limited to:
•    Time Management
•    Self- Care
•    Poor habits 
•    Sleep Deprivation
•    Stress management
•    Smoking cessation
•    Self-Confidence

In-person or virtual via Zoom


Wellness Events 

*Wellness Workshops, Retreats, Speaking Engagements

Help improve the health, well-being, energy & performance of individuals. Great for corporate settings and small groups, uniquely each workshop is customized for the organization or audience. The goal is to make each event a great wellness experience; that is interactive, engaging, and leaves a lasting impression. We develop a variety of speaking topics that we can present. We can also create a custom topic at your request!


In-person or virtual via Zoom

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