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Need a Break from Drinking Water? Here are the 9 Healthiest Sparkling Water Brands You Should Consume!

Not all Sparking waters are created equally and worth consuming freely. There have been reports of popular seltzer brands with high levels of PFAS chemicals which have us more than a little concerned over our bubbly water habits. Called "forever chemicals" because they bioaccumulate in the environment and don't break down in the body once consumed, PFAS (which stands for perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances) have been linked to fertility and thyroid issues, cancer, and liver damage, and can be found in many common products, like waterproof clothing, non-stick cookware, food packaging, and even floss.

If we are what we eat, we certainly are what we drink. So why not pick the healthiest water for you? Since the sparkling water section is quite literally awash with options, some better-for-you than others, we decided to break down all the brands that are doing things right.

1. Spindrift

Flavor-wise and chemical-wise, Spindrift gets some of the highest marks, with 0.19 ppt PFAS, or parts per trillion ("safe" PFAS levels are seen as being below 1 ppt). Each can even shows you just how much actual fruit is flavoring your water, ranging from grapefruit and mango to their mocktail-inspired Nojito flavor, which stars mint and lime.

2. Sound

Along with Mountain Valley Sparkling Water, Sound is one of the only brands that actually reports zero levels of PFAS chemicals in its water. Plus, they save us from seltzer-flavor fatigue with fun offerings like lemon with thyme and white tea and rose with lime and hibiscus tea.

3. Waterloo

Waterloo's cans are BPA-free and contain ultra-filtered water that is sourced regionally, so that each can is never sold more than 500 miles away from its original source. Hydrating and eco-conscious? We love to see it.

4. Mountain Valley

It's rare that a water brand can detect non-detectable levels of PFAS, but Mountain Valley's has done just that. With a commitment to consistently testing and monitoring their water sources, Mountain Valley's sparkling water really walks the walk. If you love an ultra-crisp bubble, just crack open a bottle of Mountain Valley. It makes the most satisfying pop of carbonation upon opening and goes down smooth.

5. Proud Source

Proud Source really earns its name, with a commitment to publishing annual reports on their high-water quality and mineral-rich water packaged in infinitely recyclable bottles. Plus. they've somehow managed to create an aluminum bottle that actively keeps your water cooler longer. We have no notes. Keep doing what you're doing, Proud Source!

6. Nixie

Unlike many other popular brands, Nixie does something very different by only flavoring with all USDA organic ingredients and no added artificial solvents or preservatives. You can truly taste it, too, with their unique flavors (like peach and black tea and strawberry hibiscus) all made with water filtered with reverse osmosis (which helps to filter out PFAS chemicals).

7. San Pellegrino

A classic, San Pellegrino's sparkling water is solidly in the safe zone when it comes to PFAS levels at .31 ppt ("safe" PFAS levels are seen as being below 1 ppt). If you've yet to try their Essenza cans, don't sleep on them. They come in a three Mediterranean flavors (like dark morello cherry and pomegranate) and create a tastebud party in your mouth!

8. Aura Bora

One of the newer brands on the sparkling water scene, Aura Bora's sparkling waters are filtered with reverse-osmosis (key to weeding out PFAS chemicals), contain no citric acid (which can often upset stomachs and cause headaches), and are packaged in infinitely-recyclable aluminum cans. Beyond the science, their flavors are just down-right good and include mango chili and tangerine blossom.

9. DIY Sparkling Water

When in doubt, do it yourself! It will guarantee a glass of low-to-no-PFAS water, especially if you're using charcoal filtered and reverse-osmosis filtered water. Plus, at-home sparkling water makers like Sodastream and the new Ninja Thirsti make quality sparkling water that's up to your own specific standards (like with extra-quadruple bubbles or with a splash of your favorite ready-made or homemade flavoring).

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