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Finished a Workout? Note it. No Seriously Take Notes!

How many of us have set resolutions for the new year that revolve around health goals? Some of these resolutions will require being able to follow through with your goals and others may be a little more difficult. This goal for one everyday habit--reflection on your workout habits and taking notes right after the end of each session--may seem simple enough at the time, but it is something many, including myself, find it hard to maintain.

Taking notes when you workout can help you improve your performance and stay motivated. It will also keep your workouts organized and you'll be able to see what has worked for you in the past.

The best time to take notes is immediately after a workout. This way, you won’t forget anything, and it will be easier to remember what went well during the session. There are many ways to take notes:

- You can write them down on paper or type them into your phone or computer as soon as possible after a workout

- You can use an app like Nike+ Running which will prompt you with questions about how your run went

- You can use an app like MapMyRun which will track your progress for each exercise

Taking notes of your workout is a must if you want to maintain your fitness goals. That’s because keeping track of your progress helps keep you motivated and accountable for your actions in the long run and it also reduces excuses later on.

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