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Meet our New Trainer: Nick Cosky! A Former Fitness Photographer Turned into Personal Trainer. Listen to His Story and Find Out Why You Need Nick to Be Your Next Trainer at 4Life Movement!

Hello Movement Members! Meet our new trainer, Nick Cosky! Nick was a former photographer turned into personal trainer. Nick is someone who understands how important living a healthy lifestyle is.

In Highschool, Nick was in all sorts of sports from Football to Soccer. It was during this time that Nick got into weight training and fell in love with it. Nick knew that in order for him to keep up with his athletic training, he needed to eat well. Fast forward a few years, Nick was working an office job and a freelance photographer. It was then he began struggling with his weight, he felt tired and had begun to no longer enjoy his work.

Remembering how much he loved fitness, Nick set out to make it a priority. To show his dedication he set out to lose some weight. Astoundingly Nick lost 100 Pounds! Say what? Yes, Nick lost 100 Pounds! He made the transition to become a Personal Trainer because he realized how much he likes to make people feel better from the inside out verses focusing on making people look good as a photographer.

Nick feels when he is taking care of others, that therapeutically he is taking care of himself. When he sees his clients putting in effort towards their fitness goals, he is personally motivated and is accountable to work on his own fitness goals. When you train with Nick, you are trusting him with an hour of your day and therefore he takes getting you results personally. Nick aligns with what we are all about at 4Life Movement. We know what it's like when you have a million things to do and forget about taking care of yourself. We also understand how overwhelming it is to change a bad habit, improve your diet and manage the stresses of life. At 4Life Movement we want to help you achieve your wellness goals and feel confident in sustaining a healthy lifestyle!

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