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Meet Aria and learn about her Weight-loss Transformation!

Before After

There may have been a point in time where you realized that you felt tired throughout most of the day, the scale was steadily rising and you were not as strong as you once were. If that is you, then you are not alone. Aria was just like you until she realized enough was enough. 

Before training at 4Life Movement, Aria went to the gym in her office building and used the elliptical, however with no prior fitness experience, she had no idea what she was doing. Aria felt like there was something missing, she wanted to tone down her body but she knew that just using cardio machines would not get her to her desired goal. She knew her best option was seeking professional support and she sought out 4Life Movement! 

Aria was matched with Coach Jade and her new wellness journey began. Aria would be the first to tell you that she does not enjoy working out and that she is not thrilled about performing difficult exercises. However, with the support of coach Jade, Aria now has someone she is accountable to, she’s learning the importance of each exercise, how to properly perform each movement and why it’s beneficial. This gives her the motivation to push through even in the toughest moments. 

Aria emphasizes that it is important to have a trainer that knows your body and understands when you should stop and when you should work harder. This plus Jade’s encouragement proved crucial to her success. Think about it, when you're working out alone, yes you will do it but to what level of intensity are you performing those exercises? With a trainer who knows your body and who knows what you can and can’t do, you're more likely to achieve your wellness goals quicker. Aria is enjoying the process of exercising much more than ever before. 

Now the question you’ve been curious about: How much weight has Aria lost? Aria has lost over 40 pounds! That’s a BIG DEAL! Aria weight-loss has given her more energy, and she has a new found confidence!

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